For over the past year we have been shut-in, isolated, lonely, bored, jobless, going through financial hardship, weight gain, and the list goes on. It’s been a challenge for many, and let’s not forget those who loss love ones from this pandemic. We are all human, including myself, I struggled from being a social bunny to feeling distant and anxious. There were moments I had to press the “reset button”, and realized this was a moment in time which I had the opportunity to search within myself to find ways to get through one day at a time. And I must say, I connected with my inner child and identified new hobbies which clearly got me through some tough moments. Many of us can relate I’m sure; but if not, just take this journey with those of us that can relate.
Many shared their thoughts about how the pandemic affected them from negatively; but if we look closely there was actually at least one moment (if not several) when you laughed or found humor in something. I actually had the opportunity to complete DIY projects otherwise, I would of not done or would of procrastinated by putting ahead other tasks. I purchased one of the few bikes that were available and cycled each evening after meeting with clients online. When I say this was one of the most refreshing moments to ride a bike in the open air; and nurtured my yard during the morning hours was so therapeutic. I realized, I discovered new interest and the pandemic was not so much of a worry for me as the days moved forward.
Give yourself permission (#giveurselfpermn) to find your inner peace as a way to cope through stressful moments in your life. In order to thrive in life you have to manage stress on a daily basis, and not when a stressful moment arises. When there are situations outside of your control, slow down, take slow breaths, and reflect on situations that are within your control.. that is the most power you have in that moment. I challenge you to come up with your own list to manage stress and anxiety. In the meantime, continue to stay safe and be well.😉