#giveurselfpermn to follow the 7 rules

Haven’t you (or someone you know) been in a situation or two when you did not follow through with something because you feel it would affect someone else, even though you knew it was necessary in order to maintain your sanity? Take a moment and think about when you made a choice to not keep that promise to yourself because you felt it would make you feel guilty or shame. It was nothing in particular that would cause harm or pain to you or someone else. But maybe, if you engaged you would feel guilty because maybe you didn’t feel you deserved it or it would make someone else feel unhappy. We all have been through this before a time or two, or maybe three. Many times then not, we continue this pattern not realizing how our decision to “not” more so then “to do”. Once we make this decision enough times, we start to feel some level of emotional pain; and possibly suppress our own guilt for “not doing”; and question ourselves as to “why”. 

With that being said, another thought; why do we continue to subject ourselves to this kind of pattern knowing each time we say “no” or “I don’t deserve it”, we continue to neglect our own peace and happiness that is necessary to thrive as humans? Therefore, I created #giveurselfpermn campaign as a way to remember you deserve happiness and joy; and we have the right as humans to choose and give ourselves permission to just “ Be” whatever that is…Go ahead and finish the slogan…”Give yourself permission to….(wash my car in my driveway instead of at the car wash” or put hot sauce on my scrambled eggs and pop corn” etc.) So lets make a commitment to ourselves daily or several times a day; tell someone else to give them the motivation and reassurance that its perfectly acceptable to #giveurselfpermn to accept a hug or be nice to someone that is different from you. Let’s spread the word on social media, and come back and share your experience.