Through the years, its been an ongoing debate as to if mental and medical are connected. Well I’ve always felt when there are physiological symptoms someone is experiencing, I inquire how they are feeling emotionally. Many responses were depressed, tired, sad, anxious, etc. Therefore, if someone is expressing feelings related to physiological symptoms, then how isn’t medical and mental related?  If as human beings, if we acknowledge that we do “feel” about someone or something, then we can acknowledge medical and mental are connected, and vise versa. If society continues to address mental health stigma as “taboo” or separate issue, then aren’t we avoiding the very thing as if we are denying our own wellness and physical needs? What is the fear in addressing mental illness compared to addressing a cold, flu, cancer, diabetes, etc.? For example, if someone is depressed and they express experiencing headaches/migraines or someone experiencing anxiety and they have a stomachache at the same time; then isn’t this an example of medical and mental? Which would you address normally the medical or mental? Normally, mental symptoms are executed first before physiological symptoms kick in…once the physiological kicks in that means the mental has suffered for some time now, and the body is actually giving off signs that something is wrong. I would love to read your personal thoughts. Until then,  “Give Your Permission” to the a break from all the hustle and bustle, an just enjoy connecting with your inner self.