Support groups have been an option for many to feel connected to others that understand and can relate to their challenges. Support groups vary from one group to another. Support groups are an option as part (or in addition) to other services provided. Group members meet for 10 consecutive weeks and all groups are considered “closed” because it’s important to make sure our members are a good match for specified group. Groups rotate every 11th week from the start date; and there is limited seating. Keep in mind, as previously mentioned our services are all virtual, including groups. Members do not need to download any software; they will be provided a link to join before each session. Any questions you may have about support groups in general, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!


Family/Caregiver support group, was developed with family members and love ones of military veterans in mind. I am a proud family member of a United States Marine Corp veteran. Honestly, it took some time for me to learn how to best support my brother when he was active duty and after he retired. Let’s face it, more and more veterans return home from deployment after experiencing unforeseen traumatic situations. As family members, we don’t have the answers, and for many of us we don’t have the resources or knowledge about the veteran’s mental illness. All we know is they returned home as a “different person”. There are moments as a family member we begin to question ourselves, “What more can I do to help?” or “What am I doing wrong to get them so angry at me?” Realistically, it is challenging for both the veteran and their love ones when there is a lack of understanding from both angels. This can create friction between the veteran and his love one; ultimately can cause the veteran (and love ones) to isolate themselves from one another in order to avoid conflict. It is recommended that both veterans and their love ones establish an outlet where they both can seek the individual support they need to learn healthy ways to improve their relationship, but it starts “within”. This support group provides a safe space for members to not only share their struggles on a universal level; but to also provide healthy feedback; work together to build and support one another. We also address topics related to self-care and prevention planning. This group totals 5 people at max so we all have the opportunity to engage effectively. This support group fee is $30/per person, per session (unless approved for sliding scale).We are currently accepting members to begin our summer group sessions.


Ever find yourself feeling alone with unanswered questions about what you can do to help your love one that is suffering from a mental illness? Is your love one a military veteran or active duty service member? Is there a sense of self-loss because you are focusing so much on your love one’s behaviors and not equally yourself? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then join us! This is a support group for family members of veterans in need of direction and support. Contact me today for more information.

Parenting support group (COMING THIS FALL!), was created for parents with children of all ages to come together in a safe and small environment for overall support. Let’s face it, raising children is not the easiest and definitely can cause stress. Even though this is the normality of being a parent, one doesn’t have to go about it without the emotional support. There is a network of support available; however, we have a virtual group for all parents. Due to multiple age groups of children, we schedule parents according to their oldest child’s age (or if there are specific issues with one of your children we can adjust according to their age as well). Please be advised, this group can not be a substitute for mandated parenting classes. We do not partner with court systems with our services because this would change the moral of the group and it’s not considered a class. We want our group members to be openly and willing to attend at their own free will. Group max 5 members, for (10) consecutive weeks. Fee is $30/per person, per session (unless arranged with facilitator otherwise). We encourage our fathers to join us! Contact me for more information.